Welcome to Ravenfield Designs Ltd

UHT viscometer view

Ravenfield Designs specialises in the design & manufacture of scientific instruments. We have a global customer base which includes major oil companies and world class universities.
Our main products have historically been viscometers for the oil industry, but we have now developed a unique ultra high temperature measurement system for the properties of liquid glasses, metals and slags. We can measure at up to 1750 °C.
We supply a range of ancilliary equipment for our own viscometers and other industry standard rotational viscometers.

We have recently branched into the biomedical field with our Model EM Shear Generator . This instrument has been developed to apply known shear to a sample while allowing reagents to be added. Observation mechanisms for forward scattering, epifluorescence etc. can be provided

We design or design and build custom projects in laboratory and industrial instrumentation or embedded computer system design and we specialise in very highly integrated systems.